Stick to White Hat SEO Methods

stick to white hat link building

White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques are strongly recommended. These are methods approved and will not receive penalties by Google for not following guidelines.

Taking the risk and going for Black Hat SEO will indeed give you a ranking boost but its a risky method. You may receive an increase in the SERP’s but as soon as Google see the methods you have used, this will all disappear for good. All your hard work will be demolished and you will find it hard getting yourself back.

Black Hat SEO can still be done with costly links from high quality Private Blog Networks but Google are getting cleverer and will spot these as times goes on.

So, what is White Hat SEO?

In short, White Hat SEO is optimization through tactics that follows search engines (Google, Bing etc) guidelines. Examples of White Hat SEO are the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Formatting content to semantically for search engines
  • Link building through guest posts and relevant links
  • CTR Improvements through Titles, Meta’s and On Page Optimization

These are just 5 of hundreds of White Hat SEO techniques used by many.

White Hat SEO Techniques Used By Us

Our WebSpection team stay on top of the latest techniques and know what works and what doesn’t. Why bother wasting hours on pointless methods that you are unsure that works. With a portfolio of 100+ test sites ranking on Google, we test all techniques and track rankings before trying it on a client site.

Google loves content and so do we. Google’s aim is to show the best website for the users query. A site with a small amount of poorly formatted content will never rank well. With content needs proper On-Page SEO with relevant backlinks to prove to Google that you are an authority within a topic.

What Is Wrong With White Hat Methods?

White Hat SEO is fairly time consuming to carry out without quick results. This is the main reason people turn to the Black Hat world to get their sites ranking quickly.

However, a White Hat strategy overtime will form a snowball effect and turn your website into an authority site recognized by Google. For peace of mind, we prefer using White Hat SEO without the worry of a Google Penalty.

What Will Happen By Using Black Hat SEO?

Just like White Hat, there are good and bad ways for performing the art of Black Hat SEO. The bad way, which used to work many, many years ago were thousands of links from directories and what not. Yes, you can still do this through gigs on Fiverr but dont expect any benefits.

Cheap links from poor PBN’s will result in a “Spammy” image to Google and they will act appropriately. There is also aspects of negative SEO, where a competitor will purchase thousands on poor links that point to your website.

The better way of doing Black Hat SEO is using high quality PBN’s that are so good, they look as if they are real websites with real traffic. However, this is usually very expensive and you still run the risk of Google taking action against your link building.

We still recommend avoiding Black Hat methods because not abiding to Google guidelines will eventually bite back.

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