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Social Media Marketing Cardiff

Social Media is used by the majority of people around the world but businesses are not taking full advantage of what it has to offer. A lot of the time a business social media is all talk and no action. WebSpection will act as your social media management partner and turn online talk to leads, links, loyalty and growth.

Using WebSpection SEO Agency in Cardiff as your social media partner, we will ensure that you build a creditable online reputation. In terms of Social Media management, we split it into three aspects that are correct setup, advertisement creation and ongoing day to day management.

Avoid the automated tools that simply spam your news feeds which annoy your followers and get in touch for a tailored social media quotation.

Social Media for Business Setup

Rewind 10 years and you could probably get away without entering the Social Media world for your business, but this has all changed. It is now a means of business promotion, growth, leads and so much more.

The main types of social media that we have experience with are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more. Each have their own benefits that can target different audiences with ease.

We see many problems with the setup of business social media accounts from inconsistency, lack of detail, wrong category and even the type of the page being a non business account!

The longer you leave these imperfections, the longer it will take to rectify the issue. Social Media is a big player in the internet marketing space and is seen as your online business presence.

Advertising On Social Media

An alternative to Google AdWords PPC is advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and more. There are several reasons why this type of advertising is better than AdWords but the three main benefits are:

  1. Advanced Targeting. From a persons location to their job, the ability to target a certain audience for your product or service is the main benefit. For example, if you are a commercial window cleaner, you would want to target business owners within your location.
  2. Conversion Tracking. A person could read, click through or skim past your advert and these are all tracked through integrated dashboards. This is important to see whether certain ads perform better, which enables you to tune your strategy for the best ROI.
  3. Huge Audience. The number of people that use social media is huge and will only increase. It is the best way (and cheapest) to reach a large audience. The ability to build brand loyalty, online growth and leads all within one platform is yet to be fully used by businesses of today and that is where we come in.

Our team at WebSpection believe that Facebook is currently the best social media platform for a business. The tracking and depth in which you can search for a particular audience is far ahead of the competitors.

Daily Management of Social Media

For most businesses, keeping the social media alive with fresh content and managing updates is time consuming. However, the importance of engaging with the audience of social media cannot be stressed enough.

Regular updates such as sharing content from your website that drives traffic to your website is great for your SEO campaign and builds loyalty with your current followers. Why should they follow a dead social media account?

Your competition will be doing social media marketing, so you should too. Using more than one social media platform will give you the added boost and build a stronger brand loyalty.

The Return of Investment when it comes to social media is unbeatable. From retargeting ads to specific users group or boosting certain service pages to increase leads. On platforms such as Facebook, this can be made possible at a relatively cheap cost dependent upon your niche.