Why You Should Invest Into SEO For More Profit

SEO To Increase Earnings

The best way to get new customers through the door or boost online sales is through digital marketing. The large majority of businesses these days have websites but only a small proportion focus their efforts towards SEO for a better ROI.

Millions of websites are being created and launched into search engines such as Google and Bing every single day. However, the large majority will not reach their intended goals because they are not ranking in Google.

According to HubSpot, over 75% do not navigate to the second page of Google. If you are not on this first page, you will not have a great time in terms of online sales and brand awareness.

Many clever “tech savvy” business owners will gloss over Organic SEO and move straight towards Pay Per Click Ads For Fast Sales. However, this is a rookie mistake that will cost you in the long run because in the same HubSpot case study, it states that around 75% of users avoided the adverts and clicked on an organic search result.

But Organic SEO is too Expensive….?

In certain competitive fields, SEO can be expensive and the ROI can be poor for the wrong business. However if the services or products you sell are in the high end, you could see profits increase dramatically.

Lets break this down:

One of our clients has a local service with the lowest price (without additions) being £1395.

This business came to us regarding their current online status and we came to an agreement on £31300 per month for Organic SEO alone.

All that is needed for the business to break even from SEO is just one online sale. After a few months of hard graft, they are ranking #1 and #2 for multiple keywords with around 15-30 sales monthly via their website.

This is huge ROI and all their new business has turned to online rather than “word to mouth” and reputation.

Organic SEO for businesses

However, if you are a business that sells products for ?10 each, you will need to ensure that the goals you set will yield top ROI. Webspection have clients that are selling low cost services or products but these are in bulk.

To answer the question, YES, SEO is expensive. However, if you are wanting to take your business to the next level, SEO is the way forward, even if that is from selling 10 ?10 items to 10,000 through SEO.

Brand Awareness and Credibility

Search Engine Optimization is not only about getting you to the first page of Google. It is also about building your business to be a creditable brand. Investing in a SEO Agency such as WebSpection ensures your brand is where it needs to be in the search engines for a range of queries.

If you search for your brand in Google right now and you do not see your website, images, Google properties and more, you are doing something very wrong. If potential users can even find your website by searching your brand name, they certainly will go off the idea of buying a product or service from you.


You may have heard the quote “SEO IS DEAD” plastered around the internet many times. I have too for the last 5 years but SEO is growing and becoming harder. This means only businesses that invest into professional SEO will see results.

The population worldwide is getting greater and so is the online traffic. If you are not building an online presence for your business, there is no way you can tap into the growing online market where all the money is being made.

Set yourself achievable goals and a budget for SEO and you will always see profit.

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