Selfie Videos in the SERP’s

Selfie Videos in SERP

A very interesting update is on the horizon is a “selfie video” inside of the search results. There are some examples of these question and answer style of questions being answered by celebrities. However you can certainly expect to see these very soon in many Google searches.

Credit SEO Roundtable for the GIF.

This is impressive yet very confusing at the same time and is pretty much Google flexing their muscles. As of early December, it is very much “hot off the press” and further developments are to come in the near future.

How Can This Benefit My Business

Any update that comes from Google, our team at WebSpection are thinking how to use it for local businesses. Imagine if you searched for “blue socks” and there was a celebrity reviewing YOUR blue socks that you sell on your eCommerce store.

Considering that these selfie style videos will be taking up a large amount of space, the Click Through Rates would be sky rocketing for your product.

Other uses that may benefit your business could be answering question related to your business. For example, a user could type “How To Reset A Boiler” and you could show a video of doing exactly this. There are many new opportunities that could arise from this Google Update.

If the Selfie Video in SERP’s comes a big deal, it will certainly become one of our SEO Services we roll out as part of our strategies.

Why Are Google Rolling This Out?

All of these updates would have taken hours of research and development as well as testing. Google are a business themselves and will be looking at monetizing this new update. Some quick examples of monetizing this could be for branding and used as an addition to Google AdWords. The eCommerce example as described above could be pushed out there via an AdWord campaign with huge click through rates.

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