Pay Per Click Cardiff

Alongside our SEO services, we also offer Pay Per Click (PPC) management for our clients. PPC comes in several forms but 99% of our clients opt for AdWords, which is of course Google’s own Ad auction platform. Whether you want to use PPC solely or combined with our SEO services, we can combine the two services into an affordable package.

Although PPC itself can be expensive as you are paying for each click, it’s certainly the fastest way to get people to your website. You can also tailor the keywords that you want to target along with the website users itself (location, age, gender and so on).

In terms of our PPC management, we tweak the ads to ensure they are optimised to the fullest. We also create multiple ads for each keyword that you wish to target and stick to your predefined budget. Whether you wish to spend £100 or £10,000 a month on Google AdWords, we are here to help with our PPC services.

Pay Per Click Cardiff

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