0 to 116,506 Unique Users in 6 Months Case Study

organic seo traffic case study

0 to 116,506 Unique Users using Organic SEO Strategies on a brand new site. This is what was accomplished on a brand new site in just 6 months. The website currently just has under 100 pages that were built within this time frame and simply proves you do not need 1000’s of pages.

Gaining more visitors to your website via Organic SEO takes time to perfect. However it is the best approach?to gain a low cost and consistent amount of traffic without paying over the odds for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

Paid advertising provides instant results in the SERP’s and if done correctly, the ROI can remain fairly high. However, the fact of the matter is that if you are not ranking in the Organic Search Results, your website visitor number will be nothing to boast about or yield a lucrative return.

organic seo statistcs

What is the Secret to Organic SEO Success?

There is no quick fix for Organic SEO and you must play the long game. In short, you need to perform keyword research, have quality content, gain powerful backlinks and have excellent ON/Off Page SEO.

More importantly, you must keep Google happy and follow their guidelines. There are thousands of rankings factors that will continue to change and its essential that you keep up to date with these.

Has Your Organic Traffic Dropped?

There is nothing worse than having high website traffic that returns a lucrative return to just lose it all overnight. There are three reasons why this can happen, these include:

  • Manual Penalty from Google – this will be visible in Webmaster Tools
  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Competitor has taken the top positions

All three can be rectified overtime and the worst thing you can do is let it get worse because it makes the cleanup harder. Manual Penalties will require you to fix all the issues outlined through the penalty and request a revision from Google. Algorithm updates and lost places to Google are usually down to malicious or poor SEO.

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