New Website SEO Case Study

new website seo checklist for fast results

Any new website will not rank page 1 for competitive keywords in Google straight away. Ignore all the so called “SEO Experts” that claim they can do this, its not possible.

There are techniques to boost your site quickly using tactics that are not friendly with Google but would you risk it? There is a term floating around called “Google Sandbox” that is a scenario where you will not see many visitors for the first few months as Google are testing your new website. They will slowly give you a trickle of visitors and will do tests on their user experience i.e. Time on site or bounce rate.

Once you are out of that “Limbo” mode, you can put your SEO strategy on full throttle. Below is a case study of a clients sites that is within the Amazon affiliate game that was a brand new domain. We controlled all content, SEO and web design of the website.

Brand New Website SEO

There is nothing worse than chucking hours of your time and money without any results. Many people will opt for the cheapest SEO services that will cause more damage than good. The Best SEO Services take time but in the long run, yields actionable results.

The results speak for themselves and below are two screenshots that demonstrate this.


new website increase in traffic
Google Analytics Visitor Increase Over 3 Months
new website amazon affiliate earnigs
Amazon Affiliates Earnings Increase From SEO

Timeline of SEO Strategy for New Website

The website is in a competitive niche but that is 0 to 14,118 page views in less than 3 months. This is just an affiliate website, so earnings are small compared to the amount of visitors. However, if you sell a product or service for £1,000 and you have 14,118 page views, this could results in a ROI that is off the scales.

Of course, all niches are different and visitor numbers will vary, but the same tactic could be used from anything such as solicitors to dentists.

The first month and partly the second month is all about getting content to the website. Not just thin content with no SEO but huge articles that get all the “longtail” keywords. You cannot rank a website without content because “Content is King“.

On Page SEO is a specialty of Webspection and this is carried out from day 1. Once mixed with authoritative and powerful backlinks at the start of the second month, the visitor numbers started to peak and content is increasing each day.

During the 3rd month, the “money” pages that have the affiliate links start getting into the top 3 results in Google. This results in conversion and over $12,448.01 in shipped item revenue.

All traffic is organic and the content produced will remain at the top with small changes here and there. As the website ages, rankings will continue to increase and more importantly, so will the earnings. Further down the line, social media can be used to boost sales as this is yet to be used to its advantage.

Not Seeing Any Results On Your Site?

The above example is just a small project but to a business trading with premium services or products, this sort of traffic can see your ROI increase dramatically. Webspection offer SEO Services in Cardiff but work nationwide to perform “Starter SEO” for many clients and have seen great results.

Over the years of performing SEO for clients, many have opted for cheap SEO package. The usual scenario is where the SEO company employed puts crappy content that is thin, non related and has poor on page SEO on the site. On top of this, they will have non related or profile/directory links pointing at the site. This is a BIG NO NO and you will not get very far with your SEO campaign.

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