Stop With The Irrelevant Blog Posts!

stop with the irrelevant blog posts

Many website owners are under the presumption that Google likes fresh content. This is true to an extent but there are many people including SEO companies that are flooding client sites with irrelevant blog posts.

For example, an agency based in Cardiff that runs a client site is flooding their blog with articles such as “Things to do in Cardiff”, “Christmas Decoration Tips” and many other irrelevant post. Blog posts should be related to the companies services such as new technology, case studies and so on.

What is Wrong with my Blog Posts?

You want to imagine you are a potential customer and your service is an expensive one, lets say a ?100,000 contract for commercial building work. Do you really think they want to see posts about “How to improve productivity” and other irrelevant blog posts. Of course not ….

Relevancy to your product or service is the most important thing. The more you blog about irrelevant things, the less relevant your website is going to be to Google. This will almost certainly reduce your rankings in Google.

If you notice the agency you are using is doing exactly this, you really should question them about their content marketing plan. Webspection is a Cardiff SEO Company with a proven track record of content marketing success and are more than happy to clear up mistakes left by others.

Best Blog Ideas for your Website

The best ideas for blog posts will differ from business to business. For example, a plumber will not have the same blog posts as a beautician. However, if you are using a clueless agency, then you will probably have the same “Thing To Do in …” type of articles! You are not Trip Advisor, so these article need to stop!

Staying with the Plumber as an example, some blog post ideas that will be able to provide topical relevance with internal linking towards the service pages will improve rankings and give your website audience trust. Such blog posts for a plumber could be:

  • Case studies or examples of plumbing work
  • Latest news from within the plumbing world
  • Guides (i.e. How to Reset your Boiler)
  • Problems and Solutions (i.e. Radiator not heating to the top)
  • …. The list can go on and on

The old myth that you must add a blog post every week for the freshness ranking factor is complete nonsense. Focus on high quality posts that are related to your business and add value to your website. They do not need to be added every week but 1 or 2 a month is more than enough to keep the site updated and ensure website visitors know that you are still active.

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