Google Image SEO – Big Opportunity

how to do image seo

If you think an image won’t benefit your SEO campaign, you are wrong. Image SEO is big business and can attract lots of new leads depending on your niche.

Google (and other search engines) often display image results above the usual search results for certain queries. Therefore, this can result in more users visiting your website if they click through from the image. For example, when typing into Google “red clothes cardiff“, you will see “Images for red clothes cardiff” near the top:

seo for google image results

I Already Know About Alt and Title Tags

Alt and Title tags are the basics when it comes to Image SEO and it’s already well documented. This is the problem, everyone else also knows about Alt and Title tags. Therefore, if you want to get the tops spots, you need to go the extra mile to achieve it.

How do you go the “extra mile”? Here is a small list for to get your image to the tops of the search results:

  • Basic on page – Alt and Title tags
  • Keywords within the file name
  • GEO coordinates within image properties
  • Links to image from external sources
  • Syndicate the image on various sites

As well as many more methods.

Bad Image SEO Techniques

As with normal on page SEO, there are methods to abide and methods to avoid. The most common mistake I see on client sites is keyword stuffing and duplicate tags.

For those wondering what keyword stuffing is, keeping with the red clothes example, keyword stuffing could be “best buy red clothes cheap sale discount”. When completing Alt and Title tags, stick to plain English and focus on one keyword.

Another major fail is where they have the perfect Alt and Title tags but they have duplicated it on the same page multiple times. Google HATES this and you are missing out on targeting multiple other keywords.

Image SEO Case Study – Smartest Person in Cardiff

In order to provide the proof in the pudding, below is a small case study with an easy keyword. I have already targeted “Best SEO Agency in Cardiff” that ranks at the top position in Google images. This puts Webspection in the prime position for its main keyword which is of course “SEO Agency Cardiff“.

However, lets try something different.

Below is an images of the Smartest Person in Cardiff.

Smartest Person in Cardiff
Dan Morgan @ WebSpection

Of course it’s not, however this image will rank number 1 for this search term because of good image SEO.

Below are some further advanced options you can apply within the physical image properties before you upload to WordPress. This gives the image that extra edge within the image search rankings (particularly in the local area).

search engine image changes

It’s also a good idea to submit an image sitemap file to Google to index the image quicker.

As promised, below is the result from this small image SEO case study. It took less than 4 days (as shown from the tag on the image) from publishing this article and the latest sitemap submission for the successful result.

cardiff seo for images

It really is that easy. If you were to target keywords that users of Google will be searching for in the images, you could receive a massive boost in visitors or leads. This is part of our SEO services and we always attempt to get any image to rank highly in Google.

Image Optimization

Although not related to Image Search Results itself, optimizing your images for your website is hugely important for your overall SEO. The main culprit for poor optimization is where a large image is used resulting in a large file size. Add multiple images like this, the page load time will impact your on page SEO massively. Other factors to consider for image optimization are:

  • Correct file type .JPG, .PNG, .GIF etc
  • Compress images but not too much
  • Dimensions of the image for its intended location
  • Aspect ratios for both desktop and mobile
  • Relevancy and placement within web page
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