The Importance of CTR

improve your ctr to increase sales

Click Through Rate is used by many marketers in terms of the success of a campaign. In terms for PPC, the higher the CTR, the more success your campaign has been.

You can also measure the Click Through Rate of organic search results in which a user clicks on your website. Poor CTR also counts towards your Google Ranking as it is now recognized as a ranking factor.

Why You Should Increase CTR for PPC

The ad click through rates on paid advertising campaigns plays an important role. The higher the CTR will results in a better ROI (Return of Investment) for your campaign. In short, the main benefits from a high CTR in PPC are:

  1. Reduce the Cost Per Click. Google want to show the best ads for their users and higher CTR’s demonstrate a better ad. This will reduce your AdWord costs significantly as you will pay less per click.
  2. Reduce Bounce Rate. A well formed ad campaign will target intent keywords that improves CTR. Poor CTR will usually be caused by poor choices in keywords that doesn’t provide the user with what they want. If they do click through and they do not get what they are looking for, they will leave. Costing you money for the click and increase your bounce rates, which is a bad indicator to Google.
  3. Cheaper Keywords. The better you rank for a certain keyword, the cheaper you can pay for the keyword in the ad. This will see your overall budget for PPC/AdWords drop massively and increase your ROI.

Improving the CTR of your AdWords can be achieved through making use of all types of ad extensions, structured snippet extensions, descriptive content and more. Our team at WebSpection have many clients where we improved their PPC CTR that resulted in large increase in website visitors.

Why You Should Increase CTR for Organic Search Results

Increasing your CTR rate inevitably increases your Google rankings because at the end of the day, Google want to provide the best results for their users. A high click through rate is a clear indicator that your website is the best result for a users query.

There are several methods of increasing CTR within the SERP’s but the most important is the <title> tag. This is what the user will see in the results and its crucial you get the user attention straight away. Especially if you are not ranking at the top spot.

With our On Page SEO package, we are experts and improving CTR with modifications across the websites to boost rankings for a range of keywords.

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