Core Web Vitals Improvements

In short, Core Web Vitals is a specific set of factors that Google considers in a webpage’s overall user experience. Although page speed has been a ranking factor for many years now, these new requirements are the latest factors that Google will now consider. The three main factors that you need to optimize for include largest contentful paint, first input delay and cumulative layout shift.

How Do I Test Core Web Vitals? Depending upon whether you have a verified search console property, Google will notify you upon the dashboard. Alternatively, you can perform lab tests using Google’s Lighthouse Audit as shown in the image (Right Click > Inspect Element > Lighthouse Audit) or you can use Google’s Page Speed Tool.

Although it’s not necessary to get a perfect score, Google do have their specific requirements that need to be met in order to pass the tests.

Core Web Vitals

Want Us To Improve Your Core Web Vitals?

Field Data vs Origin Summary vs Lab Data

When it comes to testing your own website, it’s important that you understand the difference between the three different forms of data Google provides.

Field data comes from the CrUX report, which in short is data that’s gathered from actual users of the website. The origin summary is data that’s been collected over a 28 day period and represents an aggregate experience of all pages that are served from your website. Finally, Lab data is where the data is collected within a controlled environment (i.e. via the Page Speed Tool or Lighthouse Audit) and is best used for testing.

How Does Webspection Fix CWV Issues?

Firstly, we will perform a complete audit of your website that covers all of the factors used for calculating your website’s Core Web Vital scores. Once we have gathered all of the information that we require, we will then offer you the option of suggested fixes that you can do yourself or we can implement for you. As all websites are built differently, there isn’t a fixed fee that we can offer and we would require you to send us your website for a brief audit, which is free of charge.

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