Why You Should Be Checking Google Updates

google my business updates

As you will probably know, Google update their algorithms and features constantly to improve their usability for their users. One of their latest articles is one that I find slightly worrying yet brilliant at the same time!

Type into Google “Cow Sound” and you will be greeted with Google’s latest user interface.

latest google updates effecting search

The benefits of this is clearly more user friendly controls to play around with and something to entertain children with. On the flip side, as a SEO one thing stands out… no website source. Does this mean that Google are going to start taking over featured snippets for all search queries?

Google My Business Updates

Google Business is a huge factor when it comes to Local SEO and needs a special touch to perfect it. The basics are clearly the phone numbers, address and the maps that gets verified through post. However there are much more Google features that you can apply to this section such as?Reviews, Ratings and more.

On the subject of reviews and ratings, these have seen a slight update where you will also see different forms of ratings. These can be through Facebook, Trip Advisor, My Builder and more. Google is smart enough to collect structured review data from many websites.

The latest update that has started to filter through from July is Google Business Posts. If you type in your business name into Google, these will be prominent in your business section of the SERP’s.

Google My Business Posts for Companies in SERPS

This section is great for providing call to action to certain pages to your website or just general updates from your business. For example, if you are a car dealer, you can write a small post about the latest fleet of cars that are now for sale. There is no limit to the amount of posts you can place, so its the perfect chance to add quick call to actions.

Other unique features that have been added are the ability to send a text message through the business search results. The business side of things is moving FAST and you want to be applying the latest features to your own business to maximize exposure in search engine results.

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