Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Advertising

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Most businesses will understand the power of social media these days, but many business owners are still clueless about the power of Facebook Advertising.

The Ads that run through Facebook are the same PPC methods as the most known ads such as Google AdWords. Pay Per Click Advertising is the quickest and fastest way to turn clicks into leads but the ways you go about it can effect your ROI.

Facebook is the best source of personal information and you can use their database to tailor your ad towards your intended audience. Anything from age, sex, location, interests, occupation and much more.

In terms of ROI (Return On Investment), Facebook Advertising for your business can be the best ROI for certain niches. You are only paying for the exact person that you want to visit your website, unlike AdWords that targets keywords in a certain location.

Is Advertising on Facebook Cheap?

There are thousands are articles online deeming Facebook as an expensive method of advertising. However, the majority of these articles would have had the wrong strategies in terms of business or they have approached Facebook Ads with the wrong intentions.

In terms of ROI, lets take a look at businesses who advertise on Yell. The “going rate” for an average listing is around £100 a month. Do you know what you are getting for your £100 each month other than telemarketers ringing you every day? Many businesses that I speak to in Cardiff advertise locally and say their ROI is untraceable on Yell.

Yell is over hyped, over priced and over rated. As a business, you should be investing in Organic SEO for long term investment and not Yell Ads.

If you are looking at increasing brand awareness, social exposure and gaining new leads, Facebook Advertising is the best method.

Facebook Advertising Terminology

Facebook Ads need to be setup correctly in order to achieve maximum ROI and updated frequently. Targeting individuals with the intention of buying a product from you and not a random person just browsing random cat videos. The list below is terminology often used in the Facebook world:

  • Impressions – The number of times your ad was seen
  • Reach – Number of user people your ad was shown to
  • Likes – Number of users who liked your ad
  • Shares – Number of users who shared your promoted content
  • Frequency – Number of times your ad was shown, on average, to a user.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)- Percentage of users who saw your ad and clicked through.
  • Page Likes – Number of Likes to your Facebook Page from users

Getting Started with Facebook Ads as a Business

Many businesses that I speak with in Cardiff are very skeptical of using Facebook Ads. However, I cannot stress that if you are a small business, ads on Facebook is the most affordable and effective marketing strategies currently available online.

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