SEO Audit Service

Whether you are a business owner that’s able to edit your own website or have an in-house team that simply wants someone to look over the website, our SEO audit service is the perfect solution.

If you have noticed that your organic traffic has started to decline or you simply haven’t been able to achieve the number of users you would want to achieve, an SEO audit is a great starting point.

Our audits are designed to highlight any issues and potential opportunities that can improve your search rankings. We use multiple tools and manual auditing to produce tailored reports for your business.

Whether you are a local business in Cardiff or a nationwide company, our in-depth audits are designed to help websites of all sizes.

SEO Audit Service

Do You Need An SEO Audit?

What’s Involved In Our SEO Audits?

Unlike other companies that simply rely on tools to produce their audits, we also use our expert knowledge and experience. Although SEO audits from reputable tools such as Ahrefs and SEM Rush are very informative, they only tell half the story. There is so much more that goes into performing a full and detailed SEO audit and below are some of the steps that we undertake.

Technical Audit & Website Structure

Fixing any technical issues is always the best place to start in order to improve your search rankings. From reviewing your website’s code, internal linking, ability for Google to crawl the website, page experience and even highlighting any Core Web Vitals improvements, this is all part of our technical audit. Webspection specialises in technical SEO and this is our bread and butter, which means we can go into much further detail than most agencies.

Keyword Research & Content

Targeting keywords that you actually want to rank for is a vital part of SEO but many websites fail to achieve success. From having multiple pages targeting the same keyword (also known as keyword cannibalisation) to pages that aren’t targeting anything at all. This is something that we see a lot but is easily fixed by going through all the target keywords and current website content.

Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors is a great way to improve your own SEO, find any potential opportunities and also stay ahead of the game. We will let you know exactly how your competitors are doing and what you need to do to make sure you stay above or move ahead of them in the rankings.

External Links – Good & Bad

Links to your website is a big ranking factor and Google see it as a “vote up” for your website. From our audits, we will be able to show you potential sources where you can get links, any pages that aren’t making the most of the links they currently have and much more. We also look at any harmful links that are pointing at your website, which you can then take care of via the Disavow tool.

Potential Opportunities

Through our thorough auditing, we will be able to find plenty of opportunities that can help you improve your search rankings and make you more money. Whether you, an in-house team, freelancer or our team tackle the findings, our audit will be compiled into a PDF file with plenty of detail.

How Much Does It Cost & How Long Will It Take

When it comes to our audits, the cost very much depends upon the size of the website. For example, an average plumber’s website is going to take far less time to audit when compared to a large ecommerce store that operates nationwide.

However, as a guide, our SEO audits can cost anywhere from £500 to £2,000 and take 5 to 7 working days to complete. If you would like to get a quotation to perform an SEO audit upon your website, please get in touch and include your URL.


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